EU-MACS Coordinator: Prof. Adriaan Perrels,

Webinar: Climate services for the financial sector | 12.12.2018

Dec 05, 2018 05:58
Webinar: Climate services for the financial sector | 12.12.2018

EU-MACS holds a webinar on climate services for the financial sector – insights for users and providers. Based on the project work also to be found in Delivarable 2.1
The programme and registration links can be found here.

This webinar seeks to help in bridging this gap by offering mutual insight for each group. Both structural and operational obstacles and drivers for climate service uptake in the finance sector will be reviewed. Current use of climate services, as encountered in the study, will then round out the discussion to allow for both climate service users and providers to further gain insight.

11:00 am – Welcome and introduction – Jaroslav Mysiak, CMCC – RAAS Division
11:05 am – Discussant’s introduction to the EU-MACS project – Adriaan Perrels – Research Professor at Finnish Meteorological Institute
11:10 am – Presenter’s talk – Robin Hamaker-Taylor – Policy and risk analyst – Acclimatise
11:40 am – Discussant’s comments – Adriaan Perrels
11.45 am – Q&A session (moderated by Jaroslav Mysiak)
12.05 pm – Closing Remarks – Jaroslav Mysiak
12.10 pm – End of webinar