EU-MACS Coordinator: Prof. Adriaan Perrels,

EU-MACS webinars

Dec 17, 2018 10:32
EU-MACS webinars

EU-MACS webinars on (1) climate services for the financial sector and (2) the possible role of block chains in quality management of climate data
are now available via the website.

Climate services in the finance sector: insights for users and providers

Acclimatise expert Robin Hamaker tells about how the financial sector gets more serious about climate change in their risk management, and for what types of climate services they may show growing interest. Adriaan Perrels (FMI; coordinator of EU-MACS) acts as discussant.

Can block chains have a role in climate data quality management?

Blockchain specialist Tommi Vuorenmaa (Aekreas Kodex) explains basic features and possible advantages of blockchains for quality assurance in large climate data repositories. Carlo Buontempo (Sectoral information system manager of the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) at ECMWF) and Jesse Keenan (Area Head and Director of Real Estate and the Built Environment at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University) act as discussants.