EU-MACS Coordinator: Prof. Adriaan Perrels,
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Usually used at the beginning of an innovation process, the persona building methodology is used to create a common understand of the final user of the proposed solutions, so they are user oriented and meet the goals of said users. The result of the workshop in this case is a fictional character or persona, which going forward would be tested, adapted and validated throughout the process based on real data obtained from potential users with their profile, needs, wants and expectations identified. Three open questions were used in order to create the profiles: what motivates them / what are their interests? What are their values / what is their moral compass / view of the world? How are they using technology in their daily life / which device are they using most often?

As a complement to the persona building, the pains and gains methodology was used to identify climate services. For this activity, the pains of citizens were identified by understanding the negative emotions and undesired situations or risks that they experience related with climate services. Questions such as: ‘what are your biggest frustrations,’and ‘what obstacles stand in your way?’, can help trigger the conversation. Following this identification, the gains are analyzed by understanding the benefits and desires of the citizens. This can include positive emotions, functional requirements or specific cost savings. Questions such as: ‘what do you need to achieve?’ or ‘how do they measure success?’ can help trigger the conversation.

For conducting your own persona building workshop, download the templates here.