EU-MACS Coordinator: Prof. Adriaan Perrels,
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During the workshop, a series of activities were used in order to obtain the input desired. The first activity was a stakeholder mapping using a persona building approach in which each participant built their own profile, including a drawing of themselves, general demographic information and more personal data such as their motivations, values and how they use technology in their daily life. The second activity was a group brainstorming session over climate services using the pains/gains methodology. The third and last activity used during the workshop was used to identify a citizen journey in a story telling way, in which information such as thoughts and goals were identified during the different touchpoints of the process.

The climate service needs identified by the citizens during the workshop by interactive market explorations were related to solar panels, farming / gardening, warning alerts for senior citizens, home and public infrastructure maintenance and weather forecasting. From the collaborative service development, in which the citizens journey methodology was used, two main services were identified. The first one is related to a social platform for farming and gardening for experience sharing, and the second one was a citizen co-designed building maintenance information.

Read the full workshop debrief report here.