EU-MACS Coordinator: Prof. Adriaan Perrels,
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Process Manager
The Process Manager understands the method well and guides the team in how to apply the process of FALL, similar to a SCRUM master in the SCRUM methodology.

Product Owner
The Product Owner has the responsibility of keeping the story backlog up to date from the perspective of the end users and the stakeholders. As such, they represent the stakeholders and makes sure that the project meets their needs. The Product Owner preferably has the skills to understand the needs of end-users, rather than a purely technical skill set.

Researchers take the lead in getting input from users at different stages of the project.

Architects create the systems architecture, update and prioritize the backlog in terms of the stories that are not facing towards the user, such as “the server backend should be able to automatically backup the user data that is stored in the database”.

UX Designer
User Experience (UX) designers are responsible for creating designs that represent the GUI (graphical user interface) of the system. These can be wireframes, clickable prototypes, or GUI mock-ups. It is crucial to note that, although the UX designer holds the skillset to build these artifacts, creating them should never be done solely from the perspective of the UX designer. Core to the philosophy of FALL is that the UX designer should work with the feedback that was gathered from the project actors (other team members, representative end users, etc.).

The Developer is responsible for translating the story back- log into functional applications.

User INVOLVEMENT & Panel Management
As users don’t automatically find their way to one of the FALL projects, a User Involvement Coordinator is a crucial role. They put the ‘user’ in ‘user research’, pave the way for users to participate in FALL projects, and make sure participants stay motivated throughout the project.

Users are involved in the project to bring domain oriented knowledge to the team through co-design and usability testing processes. They are guided by the user researcher. It is important that the users involved in FALL projects be as representative as possible of the user group that will eventually use the outcome of the project.

Like users, Stakeholders are also involved in contributing domain-oriented knowledge. They are not necessarily representative of the eventual user population, however, Stakeholders often hold higher-level interest than users and operate from a policy, commercial, or academic point of view.