EU-MACS Coordinator: Prof. Adriaan Perrels,
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Additional to the pilot workshop, a willingness to pay analysis was performed. The aim of this analysis was to find out which parts of the service could be monetized in the form of a paid service. In order to investigate which services should be paid for, a freemium versus premium workshop was developed: instructing participants to consider each service one-by-one, discussing these, and placing them in either a ‘freemium’ (= free service) or ‘premium’ (= paid service) box. Through this analysis synergies could be find between the different groups, highlighting those services that were most obviously placed in the freemium or premium box, as well as identifying the borderline cases where differing views arose.
In order to guide the participants through the exercise, a number of criteria was set, instructing choices to be considered when allocating the services between the two options. See the considerations for selection here.