EU-MACS Coordinator: Prof. Adriaan Perrels,
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The costs of climate services are dependent on the type of service. A lot of generic climate data is freely available, and these might cover significant parts of your organisation’s climate information needs, though their utilization might require a fair level of expertise.

Spatially precise or tailored information that requires modelling or refining of generic data typically comes with a price. In many countries longer term climate projections are however public information. Still, detailed localized projections or analysis of particular phenomena will often need to be made upon request.

Consulting, training and other forms of service requiring more intensive interaction between the provider and the client are naturally most often charged for. In some cases charges may be lower or initially absent, e.g. when applying co-design in case of new climate services in a pilot phase.

As tourism businesses or organizations operating within the same region share largely the same climate and climate risks, an attractive option is to procure climate services in co-operation and thus sharing the costs.

Even if product tailoring and user-friendliness have been taken care of, the meaningful use of climate services will – at least initially – require some extra efforts. In that sense there will always be some cost, even if the service is provided free of charge.