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UnternehmerTUM is a leading centre for innovation and business creation in Europe. Founded in 2002 as an affiliated institute of Technische Universität München, UnternehmerTUM has more than 100 employees, over 1,000 participants attending lectures, seminars and programmes every year, as well as 50 innovation and start-up projects. UnternehmerTUM actively identifies disruptive technologies and initiates new ventures by systematically matching talents, technology, capital and markets. UnternehmerTUM focusses on high-technology start-ups in CleanTech, Information and Communication and Medical Engineering.

UnternehmerTUM runs an accelerator (TechFounders), a high-tech workshop of 1,500 sqm (MakerSpace) and a venture capital fund and is involved in an intense international entrepreneurial network. As Affiliate Partner of Climate-KIC, the EU’s main climate innovation initiative, UnternehmerTUM manages the Climate-KIC Accelerator for Southern Germany. Since 2010 UnternehmerTUM accelerated 22 scalable CleanTech start-ups and the start-ups raised venture capital of 31,9 million Euro.

UnternehmerTUM is organized in four companies:

  • UnternehmerTUM gGmbH inspires and empowers students, researchers and professionals by providing outstanding, hands-on entrepreneurship training, by incubating technology-based start-up teams and by giving access to prototyping infrastructure.
  • UnternehmerTUM Projekt GmbH runs the start-up accelerator programme TechFounders and collaborates with young and established companies to identify, develop and realize joint projects to successfully generate new business.
  • UnternehmerTUM-Fonds Management GmbH runs a venture capital fund to finance cutting-edge technology start-ups with international market potential.
  • UnternehmerTUM MakerSpace GmbH is a membership-based, open access, high-tech workshop and fabrication studio.

At the new Entrepreneurship Centre on the Garching Research Campus the Technische Universität München and UnternehmerTUM bundle their programmes for entrepreneurs under one umbrella. Start-ups, innovators and makers will find here a unique infrastructure to realize their start-up projects – from initial idea to growth stage. The departments of the TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute channel their research results directly into the promotion of business start-ups.

Role in Project

UTUM will strongly participate in WP1 (market structure, PEST analyses and framework conditions). Moreover UTUM is strongly participating in WP5 (elaborating synthesis, metrics and models from WP 2-4). Additionally UTUM is participating in WP6 by integrating the project outcomes in the new Smart City Center planned and also has a supporting role in WP2, WP3 and WP4.

Principal Investigator

Harald Jenull

Harald Jenull is the Manager Technology Transfer at UTUM and has a Master’s degree in environmental science and post-graduate studies in patent engineering. He is an expert in business development and technology transfer, in particular for business design and value proposition. He has expertise and experience in development and realization of specific workshops, labs and tailored events for scientists with technology based business ideas, for all phases of the start-up process.

Relevant Publications

Business Design Method Kit:

Start-up! Implementing ideas successfully (A Workbook for entrepreneurial scientists), Publisher: UnternehmerTUM, 2013

Relevant previous projects and activities

Climate-KIC, EIT (European Institute of Technology) Affiliate partner (2012-2016); Climate-KIC is Europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership focused on climate innovation to mitigate and adapt to climate change. UnternehmerTUM runs the Climate-KIC Accelerator for Southern Germany and supports cleantech start-ups to turn the climate challenge to a business opportunity. From the locations Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich the largest cleantech Accelerator in Germany is operated.

EIT Digital, European open innovation organisation, sub grantee (2014 – 2016); Fostering digital technology innovation and entrepreneurial talents for economic growth and quality of life in Europe. A market study to segment the international 3D-Printing market was conducted. In 2015 the first competition called Form Next Start-up Challenge for 3D-Printing was organised. The challenge is part of the fair “Form Next”, an international exhibition and conference on additive technologies and tool making. The best 3D-Printing start-ups can apply for the competition and five start-ups can win prizes up to 2,000 Euro.

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership: European Venture Programme (EVP), together with EuroTech Universities (2014-15); The EuroTech Universities Alliance is a strategic partnership of four leading European universities of science & technology (Technical University of Denmark, Eindhoven University of Technology, École Polytechnique Fédérale Lausanne and Technical University of Munich). The Alliance offers a 12-day qualification and networking program for early stage entrepreneurs. The program enables the young entrepreneurs to broaden their focus for entering other european markets with their products and services.

Initial Training Network (ITN) [DG RTD] EU Biomedical Imaging and Informatics (BERTI), Lead: TUM Graduate School of Information Science in Health; In this network UnternehmerTUM offers entrepreneurship training modules to train a new generation of creative, entrepreneurial and innovative early-stage researchers, able to face current and future challenges and to convert knowledge and ideas into products and services for economic and social benefit.

Tango Network (2015); The network is part of the Initial Training Network (ITN). UnternehmerTUM offers entrepreneurship workshops for young scientists. The goal is to train these researches in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Relevant infrastructure:

TUM and UnternehmerTUM opened a new Entrepreneurship Centre in Garching in 2015: 6,100 sqm office space and 1,500 sqm high-tech workshop for prototyping and small series production.
The state capital of Munich and UnternehmerTUM GmbH, which was founded by the entrepreneur Susanne Klatten, are planning a new innovation and start-up centre in the creative quarter, where start-ups, established companies, scientists and researchers can work together with city planners, architects, and the public to develop innovative products, intelligent technologies, and services for the city of the future. This approach is unique – with the new innovation and start-up centre, Munich can play an international pioneering role in the development of smart-city solutions.